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Review: The Anchor Clankers by Renee Garrison


A teenage girl finds herself suddenly living alongside a naval boarding school full of teenage guys…of course, drama ensues.

Genre: YA Fiction

Page Length: 172

Published: June 2017

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  • The main character, Suzette, has some redeeming qualities. I found her to be rather likable for the most part.


  • The multiple points of view. A collection of mini stories taking place at the academy would’ve been better rather than a circle of different points of views with secondary characters.
  • Some sentences made me 😒😯 examples:
    • “There were so many blonde heads on this bus, it could’ve headed for Hitler’s youth camp, (p. 49), “Uh, the guy has the only Afro in the school since he’s the only black student, right?” (p.144) The second sentence leads me to the next negative👇🏾
  • About 1% diversity in the entire book. There’s an Asian secondary character and the only black kid mentioned in the story happens to have an Afro. Because, that’s the quickest way to figure out someone’s black, right? The only black kid has to have an Afro because that’s the only main hairstyle that black people wear? Hmm. 😒 Re-read the two sentences before just to make sure I was reading it right and wasn’t making a big deal out of nothing, but those sentences just… should’ve been edited out actually.
  • Suzette cares too much what people think. She worries about fitting in, though she doesn’t struggle to fit in at all. The cheerleaders actually just come to her front door in the second chapter and invite her to come cheer with them. As simple as that. Wish it was that easy in real life. Suzette also can’t physically see well and she begins cheerleading for the academy and goes on to whine about how embarrassing it would be to wear glasses while cheering (embarrassing, not really. Dangerous because if you accidentally get kicked in the face then there goes your eyes😳) but…. I wear glasses…so I don’t think of them as geeky or embarrassing to the point of death.

Overall Thoughts: I went back and forth with what to rate this book. After those two sentences above, the rating kinda dwindled down for me. Wasn’t badly written at all, and Suzette was mostly likable, though it wasn’t the best. I guess I would say it was an okay story with some spots that need to be rewritten or edited a little better.

Final Rating: 2/5

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