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Review: Sisters by Raina Telgemeier (Smile #2)

*Just a little disclaimer, you don’t have to have read the first book, Smile, in order to read this one. They’re companion novels and they all surround Raina’s experiences growing up.*

Absolutely love the artwork in these graphic novels. So detailed, yet not too much in the slightest. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion after reading my 2nd book by Raina that she’s one of my favorite authors and I’ll read essentially anything she publishes.

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Her writing is fresh and takes me back to much simpler times which is a great plus for me as a reader. I read Sisters in about 40 minutes (maybe? Wasn’t timing myself) and thought it was a pretty accurate depiction of sisterhood. Whether it be your biological sister, or friend who you consider a sister, you get on each other’s nerves, you bicker, you have your differences, though at the end of the day you love you each other dearly and no one can take her place.

Great to pick up if, of course, you’re already a fan of the author (in which case I assume you’ve already read a majority of titles by her), or if you’re in the mood for a very quick, entertaining, and awesome story with a family theme. I didn’t love this as much as Smile, though I still really enjoyed it and would recommend it.


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