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My One Tip For Getting Through A Book You Don’t Enjoy But Have To Finish

So we’ve all been there, especially if you’re a book blogger and/ or a reviewer and you’ve had to read books all the way through in order to give a thorough, honest review. Well, I was thinking of a way that helps me get through stories I’m not so excited about and I wanted to share it.

Read a set chunk amount of pages ( I’ve made mines 50) to read each day. In order for this to work and not stress you out to have a book read, reviewed and posted by a specific time, you have to map out your time well.

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Example: say you have a book that you need to have read in a week that’s roughly 300 pages. That’s about average length and a time frame you can work with. If you’re feeling extra confident in your time management skills, you could knock it out in 6 days and leave an extra day to watch Netflix, shop,or mindlessly scroll through YouTube for the day (maybe that’s just me haha). Make yourself a goal of reading at least 50 pages a day to stay on track. The more you read each day, the less you’ll have to read the next, and before ya know it, you’ve got the book read and done.

Another helpful tip (especially if you’re struggling through a book), is rewarding yourself after finishing your set amount of daily pages. Sounds childish maybe, but it really works wonders!

I hope this helped♥️ After all, reading in a bookworm’s life should never have to be stressful. ♥️


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