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My Thoughts On YA

I’ve always been a huge reader of YA literature. Ellen Hopkins is my favorite YA author and I hope the list of YA authors continues to keep growing.

I’m 21, going on 22 next month, and I wanted to talk about something that I see quite a lot of on BookTube within the reader community: backlash for reading YA after a certain age (say after 19).

I frankly think people should read whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of how old they are. Same goes with what tv shows are your favorites, genres of music you listen to, etc.

While I have a generous amount of YA books in my collection, it’s not the genre I reach for the most when I’m buying books or choosing what to read next. Likewise with all genres, there are stereotypical cliches within the realm of it, though that’s going to be a given no matter what. However, it’s not that big of an issue to me to the point where I would just say “Okay, I’m 10000% done with reading YA.”

I read what I like to read (I might do a post about my favorite genres later on), and that’s pretty much it. ☺

A few of my favorite YA books:


What are your thoughts on YA? Is it one of your favorite genres or not really? Maybe you’ve grown out of it? It’d be cool to know your thoughts ☺

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