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What I’m Currently Reading | Early September 2017

Just wanted to do a short post of what I’m currently reading:

1. MM Personal by Lois Banner, Photos by Mark Anderson

Just got this one as a gift the other day and as a huge Marilyn admirer, I knew I’d enjoy it. It’s full of personal notes, documents, things like that all throughout her life.

Marilyn Monroe, books about Marilyn Monroe, old Hollywood,
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2. The Never List by Koethi Zan

A drama thriller following a woman’s story of surviving the hell of her captor when she was in college and fighting for the justice of her best friend’s murder at the captor’s hand. Only about 40 pages into this one but so far so good. The main character already feels multi-dimensional rather than just a statistic.

the never list, koethi Zan, books, thrillers, drama, adult
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3. The You I’ve Never Known by Ellen Hopkins

Almost reaching the halfway point of this one and it’s okay but it’s not my favorite of Hopkins’. There’s two differing perspectives and while both of them live lives that are far from normal, I just only seem to care about them when I’m reading. Don’t really miss them when I put the book down or anything like that.

the you I've never known, Ellen Hopkins, ya, young adult, drama
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~ What are you currently reading?


image via Lovin’ Malta

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