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Minimalism And Future Book Buying

Recently, I’ve started to really get into a more minimalistic lifestyle. I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos, seen the aesthetic photos all over, and the vibe of it really appealed to me. When the time came to start getting rid of extra, not necessary items, I had no issues or struggles tossing things in the donate pile. But this new lifestyle change got me thinking….what about continuing to buy books? Which leads me to my post for today.

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Let me get this out of the way from the get-go: I’m NOT going to stop buying books, haha. There’s just no way I’m going to not continue to buy what I love. BUT, this new simple lifestyle does encourage me to not just buy just to buy which honestly I rarely do anyway. There are few times where I cover buy, and there are even fewer times when I buy a book the day, week, or even the month it comes out. I typically have a decent amount of self-control when it comes to book buying (ex. I only buy discounted books or new books IF I have a coupon to use with it to get some money off).

For the past 4 months or so, the books that I read that I don’t want to keep (I usually keep most of my nonfiction [mainly history because it’s history and it’ll be good to have to look back on as the years pass], I donate to either a local church, thrift shop (getting away from this because my local thrift shop prices their books at stupid amounts), a shelter, or something of the sort. My main goal is ensuring that the books I give away are given to people who can’t just jump in their car and go spend $20 or even $5 on a book, ya know? Yes, there’s the library, thankfully, though sometimes you just want to physically own a certain book and add it to your collection.

So far, the donating thing has been working for me and has helped clear a decent amount of room off my shelves and closet. Any other tips, whether it be for book organizing or just anything home-related, would be appreciated!

What are your thoughts on the minimalistic lifestyle? Have you thought about going down that route?

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