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Why I Don’t Set TBRs

TBRS are a normal part of the reader community and I’m sure you see videos popping up in your YouTube feed, blog feed, etc. of them for read-a-thons and monthly lists. TBR’s are some of my favorite book-related posts to read and watch. But…I don’t personally set them and here’s the main reason why:

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I could never commit myself to reading a specific set of books. What I’m in the mood for to read changes just about everyday, so it would be frustrating for me to say “Okay, this is what I’m planning to read for September.” Of course, just because you set a TBR list doesn’t mean that you HAVE to read those particular books or you’ll have to sacrifice your first born, though, as a planner, that’s one thing I don’t like to plan ya know?

Typically, I’m reading no more than 3 books at a time just as to not overwhelm myself and so far, so good. I used to read like 5 books simultaneously and….just no. Didn’t work out well for me. I have no idea why I ever thought that would be a good idea haha. I think a good look at my Goodreads TBR got to me a bit.

But yeah! That’s the main reason why I don’t set TBRS. My reading mood changes too much haha. I’m hoping to get more into read-a-thons in the future though. Time will tell.


Do you set monthly, weekly TBRS?

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10 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Set TBRs

  1. I sometimes set TBR’s but if I do then I make sure that I have a variety of genres and mixtures of book lengths. I find that I think about my choices very carefully. Other times I just read what I fancy so I get your point, it really does depend on what mood I’m in. 🙂


    1. That’s cool! I always try and have a mix of genres with whatever I’m currently reading. Typically one’s a nonfiction, one’s a drama, and the other might be a book of poetry or something. ❤


  2. Totally agree with you, Cierra! I have an idea of what books are being published when, but if I don’t feel like reading a particular one, I put it aside. I usually end up reading it at a later point. You gotta stay passionate about your books!


  3. I get round the problem of having an overly ambitious TBR by only having very loose goals each month. So, I might say that there’s 2 books I want to read that month, for instance, but any other books I read will just be chosen based on what I feel like reading on any given day ☺


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