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Do I Cover Buy?

One of the primary things that every book buyer has to answer honestly to themselves.

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Nah, not really. Yes, I take into account the “prettiness” or appeal of a book before I buy it because it’s fun and why not? Though I haven’t bought many books just simply based on the cover. I can’t even think of the last book I bought based totally on the cover. I’m sure I have in the past though it truly is about the story for me. Especially if I’m in Barnes & Noble and the book I’m looking at is $25, haha. If I come across any while reorganizing my shelves (I’m moving and moving with a bunch of books is suupppper fun because you get to go through the hassle of reorganizing them all again right? -_- I kinda enjoy it though, not going to lie) I’ll update this blog and mention it.

*Note: No judgement in the slightest if you DO cover buy. There’s a bunch of beautiful books out there that really add something wonderful to one’s book collection/shelves! So, if you cover buy all the power to ya! ❤

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