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A Future BookTube Channel?

Just for those who may be visiting my blog and aren’t familiar with the term, BookTube is just the book side of YouTube where people with channels post reading-related videos such as Hauls, TBRs, Read-a-thons, author interviews, things like that. It’s basically a video version of having a blog if that makes sense.

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Via: Crazy Little Thing Called Life

I’ve played around with the thought of starting my own channel, though, for the time being, I’m really just content with my blog.

Even though I may seem outgoing on my blog, I’m also a huge introvert and a little camera shy so that’s part of why I just haven’t mustered up the courage to try it out and see what happens.

However, I am on YouTube much more than the average person (I’m literally on there every day. It’s the only social media platform/site that doesn’t annoy me after a while), and I am always looking for new channels to subscribe to! Not even just book-related channels. I mainly love gaming channels (not gamers that scream all the time, sorry but my introvert heart can’t deal, haha), beauty channels, food channels, lifestyle channels, mental health channels (I’m really big on mental health awareness and support), home decor channels, humor channels, honestly a little bit of everything.

If you have a YouTube channel, leave a link to it down below! I’d love to check it out and support ya.

Here are a few (not all) of the BookTube Channels I’m subscribed to:

What about you? Ever thought about starting your own YouTube channel in general? Do you currently have a channel? Let me know ❤


image via The Odyssey Online


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