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Saving Money When Buying Books | The Honey Coupon Site

Okay, if you’ve followed my blog for a bit, you probably know that I like to skip the BS on everything I post and just be as honest as possible in everything I write and publish here. When it comes to saving money on books (or saving money in general) there are bound to be tips/points that you’ve heard before, though I hope this post adds to your knowledge!

Honey is a coupon site that I came across on accident. I was on and if I remember right, one of their ads popped up, I googled them to see what they were about and decided to sign up. It seemed legit and it said it could help me save money so why not, right? Basically, Honey searches the entire web for any coupons that could be potentially applied to whatever you’re purchasing online. After I downloaded the browser app (they don’t have a phone app available yet) and went to checkout, Honey appeared on its own and offered some coupons that applied to my purchase. They ended up saving me about $3 which isn’t a ton, I know, but it’s something! I shop on Amazon a lot and it additionally offers price drop notes next to every item so you can see if the item is worth buying now or waiting on later when the price has been reduced. I think it’s worth giving a shot.

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via Broke & Beautiful

Just wanted to publish a small post about this site that helped me save a few dollars (so far…hopefully much more in the future)! Have you used the Honey app? How do you think it compares with RetailMeNot?


*image via Honey*

*Nope, this post wasn’t sponsored and I wasn’t paid to write it* 🙂


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