Book Lovers

Favorite Character Traits

I think most people have specific character traits that they love and like to see in the characters they read about. For me, I mainly love reading about characters that are:

  • Outcasts: I love and relate to characters who would normally if they weren’t the main character of the story, be left in the background without much attention. They’ve proven to be some of the most intriguing fictional people.
  • Unconventional: I guess this kind of goes along with outcasts, though more specifically, I love characters who don’t really fit a typical societal mold. They’re their own people and aren’t easily influenced by others.
  • Very observant: I’m very observant myself and I find that the stories in which the main character(s) share their surroundings and thoughts about all they see and notice about people, I end up enjoying more.

Which character traits are you drawn most to?

*image via Pinterest*


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