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Review: The You I’ve Never Known by Ellen Hopkins

Summary: A young adult drama told in Hopkins’ well-known style of free-verse that follows 17-year-old Ariel, as she struggles with a narcissistic, abusive father and coming to grips with her own sexuality, and Maya, a young teenage mother who’s connection to Ariel may open up years of wounds and lies.

Genre: Young Adult, Drama

Page Length: 590 pages

Published: January 2017

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Thoughts: This is my least favorite of all of Hopkins’ books I’ve read, and I’ve read all but two (her newer ones). I started this book during the summer and I’m just now finishing it. Nope, not because I’ve been exceptionally busy or anything like that, but simply because whenever I put this book down I never wanted to pick it back up. The characters of Ariel and Maya fell flat to me and I had a difficult time connecting with them and their voice. Ariel, in particular, was just excruciating to read from the perspective of about 1/3 of the time, primarily towards the end. I can’t really go into anything without giving spoilers and this is just not the blog for that, so I’ll just say that she could be very selfish when it came to the family and friends who went the extra mile for her. She made my head hurt a bit in all honesty. Anyway, the story wasn’t at all awful and had some researched, important merit to it (Hopkins was inspired to write The You I’ve Never Known following her own experience with her ex- kidnapping their youngest daughter and hiding her for 3 years).

Overall, it just wasn’t my favorite and I found it kind of a chore to get through. I wish I could add it to the other great list of books I’ve read by her, though everything is not for everybody.

Final Rating: 3/5

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