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How Often Do I Buy Books?

Well, if I had the choice, and I'm sure 99.9% of book people would agree, I would buy books just about everyday of my life and find a way to make room, haha. I love reading (obvious), and when you love something, you don't mind spending money to enjoy it. Thanks to the wonderful blessing… Continue reading How Often Do I Buy Books?

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Dollar Tree Haul #4

WOO! More books. Since there's a little more than usual, I'll add the (short) Goodreads summaries for each of them so you can get a better idea of what these stories are about. Let me know if any of them interest ya.   1. Rain of the Ghosts by Greg Weisman Rain of the Ghosts… Continue reading Dollar Tree Haul #4

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Dollar Tree Haul #3

Not the biggest fan of intros, hehe, so here's another Dollar Tree Haul. I hope you enjoy it as much as I love finding $1 books!   1. Infamous (Fame Game #1) by Lauren Conrad I haven't read the L.A. Candy series by Conrad or any of her Style books, so I don't know what to… Continue reading Dollar Tree Haul #3

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Dollar Tree Haul #2

Dollar tree hauls have got to be my favorite type of book hauls to do. Reason? I usually am able to get a bunch of brand new books in excellent condition for $1. What could be better for a bookworm (besides getting all the books you want for free, hehe)? I didn't have as much… Continue reading Dollar Tree Haul #2

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Barnes & Noble Haul #1

So I spent some money at the good ol' B&N. It's a small haul, but let's jump right in: 1. Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon by Larry Tye   Adding to my ever expanding collection of Kennedy books and memorabilia is this new release on Bobby Kennedy. I've heard nothing but fantastic… Continue reading Barnes & Noble Haul #1

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Dollar Tree Book Haul! 🤓📚

Yay! My first book Haul! When I go out to run errands and pass a Dollar Tree, there's a 110% chance I'll stop by. My mom got me hooked on dollar tree book shopping when she bought me a few books from there that I'm PRETTY SURE I saw at Barnes & Noble's for $20.… Continue reading Dollar Tree Book Haul! 🤓📚