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Saving Money When Buying Books | The Honey Coupon Site

Okay, if you've followed my blog for a bit, you probably know that I like to skip the BS on everything I post and just be as honest as possible in everything I write and publish here. When it comes to saving money on books (or saving money in general) there are bound to be… Continue reading Saving Money When Buying Books | The Honey Coupon Site

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Do I Cover Buy?

One of the primary things that every book buyer has to answer honestly to themselves. Nah, not really. Yes, I take into account the "prettiness" or appeal of a book before I buy it because it's fun and why not? Though I haven't bought many books just simply based on the cover. I can't even… Continue reading Do I Cover Buy?

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Bookmark Collection | 2017

Can you tell I'm running out of blog ideas? Haha. I made a lot of DIY bookmarks about a year ago....and well...they're not bad though I'm probably going to throw a lot of them out because I just want simpler ones. A majority of my bookmarks are comprised of random quotes that I just wrote… Continue reading Bookmark Collection | 2017