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Do I Cover Buy?

One of the primary things that every book buyer has to answer honestly to themselves. Nah, not really. Yes, I take into account the "prettiness" or appeal of a book before I buy it because it's fun and why not? Though I haven't bought many books just simply based on the cover. I can't even… Continue reading Do I Cover Buy?

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Thrift Deal Thursday! Week Of March 5th

I've never met anyone, bookworm or not, who didn't love a good deal. So, I decided to bring in a brand new series of sorts where I offer you some of the best bookish deals on the interweb! Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments for how I can make this series… Continue reading Thrift Deal Thursday! Week Of March 5th

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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Not Owning Tons Of Books: A Discussion

I recently watched a few videos about the pros and cons of BookTube, one of which openly talked about not being able to afford BookTube (video linked at the bottom). Not sure exactly what that means or where I'm going with this? Keep on reading, it gets interesting. What Is BookTube? For those who are… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Not Owning Tons Of Books: A Discussion

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Wyoming Bookstore Completely Bans WiFi

A Casper, Wyoming bookstore is making headlines as it has enforced a new rule. One that will surely take customers back to the days of when technology didn’t completely rule a majority of people’s lives: they are banning WiFi and the use of cell phones and computers in their store. The bookstore is called Wind… Continue reading Wyoming Bookstore Completely Bans WiFi