Review: Her Last Mistake by Carla Kovach (audio)


 Title: Her Last Mistake
Author: Carla Kovach
Series: Detective Gina Harte, #6
Narrator: Alison Campbell
Published: May 2020, Hachette – UK, Bookouture
Length: 10 hours 38 minutes
Source: Personal copy


Dressed in a sage
green bridesmaid dress, and smiling for pictures, Holly is the happiest
she’s ever been. Hours later, Holly is dead.

People love
to hate Holly Long. Smart, beautiful and a woman who men find it hard to
say no to, she’s the town’s most gossiped about resident.

Holly’s body lies in her hotel room, strangled at her best friend’s
wedding party. And the gossip has stopped, because nobody wants to look
like they did it.

When police search Holly’s immaculate
apartment, amongst her stylish furnishings and expensive jewellery, they
discover a different side to Holly. Orderly and precise, she wasn’t the
chaotic party girl everyone thought her to be. In fact, Holly was a
planner, and her next plan was to come out and tell her biggest secret –
something she had been hiding for months, something that had the
potential to ruin the lives of more than one wedding guest.

There are plenty of people who might have wanted to kill Holly, but only one who has finally made good on their promise.

An unputdownable crime thriller with an ending you will never see coming,
this is the latest gripping novel from bestselling author Carla Kovach.
If you like Angela Marsons, Cara Hunter and Clare Mackintosh, you’ll
love Her Last Mistake.


My thoughts: This
is the sixth book in the Detective Gina Harte series and I absolutely believe this
series keeps getting better and better with each new installment! It’s so addicting and compelling…I
just love when I
find these crime fiction/police procedural series with a strong female

this book can definitely be read as a stand-alone – something
that I am finding most books in series can be done these days – I will
say that I highly recommend reading the previous books first. There is
quite a lot of backstory on the characters that I think is helpful in
really understanding the characters more fully and some threads that deal with the character development are carried over from book to book.

This latest installment really tests Detective Gina Harte and her team, and we see it take a toll on Gina personally as she is determined to solve this case as fast as possible, even if that means no sleep. Of course, it doesn’t help that she shouldn’t even be working on this case as she was supposed to be on leave right now – this totally isn’t helping matters with her daughter. 

I love how author Carla Kovach makes such a point to show how Detective Gina Harte has such an internal struggle balancing her work with her family. This is not the first time that her daughter has given her grief for putting work first, nor I’m sure will it be the last. And while Harte loves her job and her family equally, she has a hard time deciding at times which should be the priority, something I think everyone can relate to. I also love that there is still a strong bond between Harte and Briggs – with all that they shared in the previous book, I like that this is still being explored. There is definitely more here that needs to be resolved and I can’t wait to see how it happens.

I really like this series. It’s action-packed while still providing great character development that keeps you coming back for more. I somehow missed this one when it was released so the next one is already out and I cannot wait to start reading it soon! 

Audio thoughts: Because I  missed this one when it first came out, I decided to grab the audio version and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The narrator, Alison Campbell, did a great job with the voices and her intonation and pacing were spot on. She infused just the right amount of emotion and tension into her voice as needed.


Books in this series:

  1. The Next Girl
  2. Her Final Hour
  3. Her Pretty Bones 
  4. The Liar’s House
  5. Her Dark Heart 
  6. Her Last Mistake
  7. Their Silent Graves


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